German Scout Mina K

First of all, I wish you a wonderful Sunday. And to match this relaxing day, there is also something from me. A new video with a super slim mouse. Filmed here in the capital Berlin. I think this should be something for everyone. But I'll first tell you from the beginning. I shot the video 3 months ago but was waiting for a perfect time. It should have come now, because in the cold it makes for warm thoughts. But now from the beginning. I decided to try my luck in Berlin on Saturday. During the last shoot I found a lost place. I wanted to use it again this time. So I wanted to search around this area. The weather was perfect and the sun was shining. So start German Scout Mina K.

So I moved around here. I quickly started talking to a few women. There were really a lot of people out and about because of the weather. But I wasn't really lucky. I even took pictures at the Lost Place with one. But when it was time to go further, unfortunately the answer was no. So keep going until the time has finally come. And that's how it was supposed to happen with German Scout Mina K.

After about 90 minutes here in Berlin it finally worked. I started talking to the super fit student Mina. A dream body with a great face and freckles. I was quickly persuaded by my model agency. And a little later we were already at the Lost Place. There we took pictures of her in her underwear. And she became more and more relaxed. Now German Scout Mina K could go.

A little later I tried my luck. And when she responded to my approach with a smile, I pulled it out. She sucked it really hard and a little later I stuck it bare. My God it was tight and hot and we had it really hard here in the middle of Berlin. After she came twice, I cummed hard on her face. And you can see it now in German Scout Mina K.

Video from November 12, 2023

Length: 66:00

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