German Scout Annie Reis

I wish you a good start into the weekend. And to go along with it, there’s something new from me too. Almost for the 3rd Advent there is another highlight for you. The video is already 2 months old, but it was worth the wait. But I'll tell you from the beginning. In October I decided to take a short trip. The weather here in Berlin was really bad. And so I wanted something in the sun. The chances of a shoot should be better there too. So I looked to see which goal fits best. I quickly decided on Spain. And Barcelona was my first choice. Now just book accommodation and a flight. This was done relatively quickly online and I was on the plane two days later. And German Scout Annie Reis was ready to go.

After a good flight I was quickly at my accommodation. Everything was perfect and the weather was great too. On the way to the hotel I saw many beautiful women. So I couldn't wait to finally get started. But first I had to take a quick shower. I also set up a makeshift set and was then quickly ready to go. So I went straight to the door and luckily I was right in the center of Barcelona. Now German Scout Annie Reis could really get started.

After many attempts here in Barcelona, I started talking to a student. Long black hair and a smile to melt away. I was quickly able to convince her to take a few photos. She became more and more relaxed and we decided to go to the hotel. German Scout Annie Reis was able to go there.

When she arrived at my place, she quickly stood in front of me in transparent underwear. And so what was supposed to happen came quickly. She got on her knees in front of me and sucked right away. After she had spoiled him nicely, I stuck him bare into her hole. It went on like this until I couldn't hold it anymore. My whole load ended up in her mouth and face. And you can see it now in German Scout Annie Reis.

Video from December 16, 2023

Length: 50:34

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