German Scout Amy Douxxx

Luckily it's the weekend again. In most cases this means something good. In any case, most people have days off. But very often there is even a new German Scout video. That's how it should be this weekend too. So once again perfect in the wet and cold weather. Luckily I still have a few days of vacation this year. I use the first day directly on the last Friday. I wanted to be out and about with the camera again. But the weather forecast for Berlin didn't bode well. So I planned to be in Budapest from Friday to Sunday. The forecast was 18 degrees there and it was supposed to be dry. So the best conditions for a successful casting. And German Scout Amy Douxxx could be tackled.

The flight and the room in Hungary were booked quickly. Luckily you can get directly from Berlin to Budapest. I was able to clarify a lot of things in advance via the Internet. The flight went great and the room was reached quickly. But I didn't want to waste a lot of time. The weather was really great and the sun was shining. So I quickly unpacked my things and showered. Then the room was set up like a makeshift set. Lights set up and some panties put out. And then the camera went straight to the street. I quickly started talking to a few women. But it didn't go beyond a few pictures. But then German Scout Amy Douxxx was able to go.

After less than an hour here in Budapest I arrived with a 25-year-old girl blonde into the conversation. I was able to convince her straight away about a casting. Sid stood in front of me wearing blue jeans and we took the first pictures straight away. She quickly relaxed. So we decided to go to my hotel to take more revealing pictures. Once there, she soon stood in front of me in black lingerie. Now German Scout Amy Douxxx could really get started.

She was wearing a thong with a pearl necklace right over her pussy. She knew exactly how to do it. And after a bulge appeared in my pants, she went straight to her knees. She sucked him really nice and deep. Now I pushed her thong aside and inserted it into her pussy. Nice and tight and wet. We got really wild before she got a huge load on her face. And you can see it now in German Scout Amy Douxxx.

Video from December 9th, 2023

Length: 63:43

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