German Scout Marie Hardon

Today there is a special video for you. The German Scout got a hot tip. Of course I wanted to pursue this straight away. But I'll tell you from the beginning. A lady wrote to me on Instagram and told me about her friend. She has probably seen a few of my films. She then told her friend that she would join in too. And then she wrote to me from Instagram. What was actually meant to be more of a joke stuck with me. So I was told where I could meet her. The idea was simply to surprise them and see what happened. But a lot of things happened in German Scout Marie Hardon.

So the idea was formed and I had all the information I needed. Of course she didn't tell her anything about it. It should remain a surprise or a test. So I booked a hotel in Mannheim and discussed everything in detail. The day had finally come. And so I took the train from Berlin to Mannheim. I prepared the hotel. Of course there is a lot of risk of having the stress completely for nothing. But if you don't dare, you don't win. Now German Scout Marie Hardon was ready to go.

Around lunchtime I decided to follow the tip I was given. I simply visited the 26-year-old student at work. A farm in Mannheim. She was very surprised, but I was able to calm her down quickly. And so she was quickly convinced to cast me. After a few pictures there, we went to the hotel. German Scout Marie Hardon was able to really get going there.

When we arrived at the hotel, she soon stood in front of me in purple underwear. And after a few pictures she just started sucking. She pushed my thing really deep down her throat. After that I was allowed to put it in blank. She was so horny that she squirted several times. She rolls her eyes with every violent orgasm. And in the end I shoot the whole load on her tits. And you can see it now in German Scout Marie Hardon.

Video from January 5th, 2024

Length: 60:34

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