German Scout Dani Luve

I wish you a good start to the weekend. Even if it is very snowy, cold and slippery, make the best of it. I made the most of it last weekend. And that's why there's another new video from me for you today. Almost perfect in this weather to spend a relaxed evening. But I would like to tell you from the beginning how German Scout Dani Luve came to be.

I had planned to visit a friend in Hanover over the weekend. He was also open to my hobby with women. And so the plan was decided and the things were packed. The camera and lights were of course there, because I don't think I've ever tried Hanover before. But I've heard a lot of good things about the women there. The general opinion was that they should be pretty and relaxed. So the best conditions for German Scout Dani Luve here.

On Friday morning I sat on the train from Berlin to Hanover and was really excited. My friend picked me up at the train station and brought me to him. We spent the day relaxing and chatting about old times. My search was planned for the next day. And so I was awake early on Saturday. After a good breakfast and shower I set off. My friend was also out and the place was free. So I moved into new territory. Really difficult at the beginning, but I started talking to a few women. Unfortunately without success. But then I should finally be lucky. And German Scout Dani Luve was able to start.

After about two hours here in Hanover, I met a red-haired waitress. She was visiting here herself and we got along quite well. I was quickly able to convince her of a model casting. After taking pictures on site we went to my place. She soon stood there in front of me in black lingerie. And now I saw her huge natural bust. Really nice to wobble. This is how German Scout Dani Luve should run.

I think she noticed that too and took it easy. So I took out my cock. After a moment's hesitation, she sucked straight away and then I was allowed to enter her tight hole. The tits jiggled so hot. They clapped really well while riding. So I couldn't hold it for long and cummed on her face. And you can see it now in German Scout Dani Luve.

Video from January 12, 2024

Length: 55:40

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