German Scout Mia Roux

One day late, there is a new video from me today. I was still a bit busy with gardening yesterday. But today it's finally time again. I hope you all had a good start to the new month and the weekend. And please remember that there are elections next weekend and every vote counts. I have already done this by postal vote so that it works 100%. But now to the really important part, namely the new video. I filmed this in Leipzig, where I was invited. And now German Scout Mia Roux can start.

A friend had invited me to Leipzig for the weekend. Of course I accepted the invitation and booked a hotel. He knew that I would be looking there too. But he didn't want me to film at his place. That was fine with me and so I booked a hotel. The journey from Berlin was relaxed and I wanted to get going the next morning. So I prepared my camera and after a good breakfast I was on my way. First I went through the city center, but it was very hectic and apart from a bit of small talk nothing happened. So I decided to try parks. And now German Scout Mia Roux could get going.

After a good 2 hours here in Leipzig and a few rejections, I spoke to a curly-haired woman on a park bench. She was skeptical at first, but we quickly got talking. I was able to convince her to take a few pictures and she became more and more relaxed. She was 30 years old, looked quite oriental, but was German. She was quickly ready for a few pictures in the hotel and followed me. There German Scout Mia Roux could really get started.

When we got there, she quickly relaxed and stood in front of me in red lingerie. She was really naughty and just got down on her knees when we took pictures. She sucked really well and I was allowed to fuck her straight away. Mia insisted on a condom at first, but when it broke, I was allowed to carry on without. I've never experienced that before. I was even allowed to stick it in her tight ass and take her anally. A really hot session and the cream went in her mouth. And you can see it now in German Scout Mia Roux.

Video from 01.06.2024

Length: 64:17 minutes

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