German Scout Coco De Wit

First of all, I wish you a great Friday evening and a good start into the weekend. Like every week, there is now a new casting for you. I have now managed to make over 200 films. All with different women and in full length. You can find everyone in the German Scout Fan Club and I would be happy if you were there. It's not only for your pleasure, but also to help me. Unfortunately, the shoots are not completely free. The camera and travel cost money and every supporter helps immensely. But now we can talk about German Scout Coco De Wit.

The weather in the last few weeks has been perfect and so I decided to stay in Berlin. Every day I see great women on the streets here. And now it should finally be time. Unfortunately my apartment is still a construction site, but I tried my best. And so everything was prepared and showered with the camera in hand we started. I preferred the immediate surroundings of my apartment. Great women quickly approached me. A small smile was enough to be addressed by me. Of course it took time and there were cancellations. But that's completely normal. And then German Scout Coco De Wit was able to start.

After 2 hours in the best weather here in Berlin, I met the 30-year-old Coco. Really sexy, with short blonde hair, thick lips and a big bust. We got along very well straight away, even though we had to speak English. She comes from Poland and was here in the capital for the weekend. I was able to convince her with the first pictures and soon we went to my apartment. That's where German Scout Coco De Wit really got going.

Soon she was standing there in front of me in red lingerie and I could hardly stop her. She was really in the mood and took my best piece right up to the tonsils. Afterwards I was allowed in without a condom and in between there was the finest rimming from her. She beat me like there was no tomorrow and wanted the whole load in my face. She got what she wanted and I was exhausted. And you can see it now in German Scout Coco De Wit.

Video from May 24, 2024

Length: 67:02

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