German Scout Lisa Rocketcock

I wish you a good start to your Sunday and a great day. The European Football Championships in our own country started on Friday and football fever has slowly caught me too. On Friday I was at the public viewing here in Berlin. That's why the latest video is a little late. But the European Championships also offer many great opportunities for the German Scout. There are an incredible number of holidaymakers here in Berlin. And I think that will mean there will be many new exciting videos in the next few weeks. At least I'm always on the go and have my camera with me. But now I'd like to tell you about German Scout Lisa Rocketcock.

This week I went to Bavaria for a few days. To be precise, I was in Augsburg and wanted to try my luck there again. I've been here twice already and was lucky each time. So I checked into the hotel and waited for the next day with great anticipation. I had planned to set off early the next morning. According to the weather forecast, it was supposed to be cold but dry. So I was in good spirits. German Scout Lisa Rocketcock could now start.

Sometimes the search is like looking for a needle in a haystack, but this time it went perfectly. At breakfast here in the hotel in Augsburg, I noticed a blonde with tattoos. She seemed relaxed and gave me a smile. I didn't want to leave that uncommented. After I saw her alone outside, I spoke to her directly with the camera. We hit it off straight away and she was quickly convinced to take a few pictures. Now German Scout Lisa Rocketcock could really get going.

We went to my hotel room and when she showed me all her tattoos she was soon half naked in front of me. It was really hot to look at and she wanted more straight away. She took my thing all the way down her throat. Then I was allowed to go bareback into her hole and she was really naughty. She licked my asshole and shoved a dildo into her pussy at the same time as mine. After she came hard, it was my turn. She sucked every drop out of me. And you can see it now in German Scout Lisa Rocketcock.

Video from 16.06.2024

Length: 49:04 minutes

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