German Scout Eile X

I wish you a good and sunny start to the weekend. The sun is shining here in Berlin and I was out and about a bit. That's why there's a new video today. Usually Friday is always firmly planned, but the opportunity to film takes priority. So I was out and about again yesterday and was lucky. But you won't see that until next weekend. Today it's about a shoot from last weekend. For which I flew to Malta. Not for the filming itself, but for a few days' holiday. But I had the camera with me here too. And that's how German Scout Eile X came about.

I had heard a lot of good things about Malta. There are supposed to be a lot of German holidaymakers and residents there. The weather is also supposed to be perfect, so I planned a trip. I wanted to stay in Malta for 5 days and find not only sunshine but also a woman or two. The accommodation and the flight were quickly booked online. And so I landed on the small but beautiful island in the Mediterranean on Wednesday afternoon. I had a large apartment, which I converted into a set. And then I was on the island. Now German Scout Eile X could get started.

After a few attempts and little luck here in Malta, I was successful. I got talking to a blonde German woman. She had moved to Malta about a year ago. I quickly convinced her to take a few pictures on the beach. Then I invited her to my place to complete the model portfolio. But I think she already had an idea of ​​what I really had in mind. And German Scout Eile X was ready to get started.

Once there, she became more and more relaxed and soon she pushed the thong to the side. That was the signal for me and I simply took it out. She quickly took it deep into her mouth and then let me take her from behind. I had a real dream woman in front of me. And I used every minute in different positions. After she had a violent orgasm, I couldn't do anything else. And so I squirted everything on her face. And you can see it now in German Scout Eile X.

Video from 22.06.2024

Length: 64:44 minutes

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