German Scout Nina Pralliina

And again there is something new for you from the German Scout. Last week I was laid up for a few days with Corona. That's why the video is very late. I hope you got through the time just as well. But with almost 300 videos that you can find in the German Scout fan club, it should be possible. Shortly before I got sick, I was in Malta for 3 days. I wanted to go on a short vacation there. I found out from a friend that there are a lot of young Germans there. Many have emigrated, some are just vacationing there. I wanted to see for myself. And German Scout Nina Pralliina was able to start.

I was lucky on the first day and was able to film Eile X there. But of course I still had two days. There are enough women around here and why should I be satisfied now? So I decided to try my luck on the second day too. My apartment was quickly cleaned again. The weather was good too and I was out the door before lunchtime. With my camera I decided to look for something by the water. There were lots of women there, but also couples. Now and then I got chatting, but I wasn't lucky. But then German Scout Nina Pralliina set off.

After a good 2 hours here on the beach in Malta, I saw a plump beauty. A textbook Latina with big butt and breasts. I spoke to her directly and she was actually German. Her curves were amazing and we took pictures right there. Her bust is a natural K and I wanted to see that. So we went to my hotel. There, German Scout Nina Pralliina could really get going.

When we got there, she was standing in front of me in her underwear and took out her huge tits. I've never seen that before and she knew straight away that I wanted more. She started sucking my cock. Really deep and wet and then I was allowed to fuck her. She was really horny and at the end I squirted everything on her face. And you can see it now in German Scout Nina Pralliina.

Video from 04.07.2024

Length: 61:43 minutes

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