German Scout Liza

German Scout Liza

Yesterday was finally nice weather and that on a Sunday. Your German Scout could not miss that. So quickly packed the things and drove off into the car over the border to see if it was not a nice turn with a teenager can result. Arrived then I quickly into the RBNB apartment and then directly out on the street. In the beginning it was a bit difficult to talk to the women, but there are such days. But then I saw this, yes I just call her a model. She has tall, slender and blond hair. Just a feast for the eyes and I thought that would never do anything with German Scout Liza, but I just had to try my luck. For who does not dare, who does not win. So camera on and behind to try his luck.

And I'm lucky and could talk to her and I found out that Liza is 25 years old and really works as a model on the side. But everything else really would not have worked. I then introduced myself to her as a model scout and I really wanted to do paid test shots in underwear right now with her. She thought about it, but then agreed and so German Scout Liza could start and we went to myself. When she stood in front of me so lightly dressed, I immediately realized that my best piece was definitely ready for a shoot. And so I got out a few extra bills and asked for a private shoot for me. And how it went then you can see in the German Scout Liza video now!

Video from 22.07.2019

Length: 50:32