Melina Devi

Today there is once again a real treat for all who love slim and young women. But from the beginning! Once again I was traveling fast in Budapest to unsafe the streets in my function as German Scout. Suddenly, this young mouse in skimpy jeans and super slim body on. So camera on and behind! Of course, I approached her directly and learned that she is called Melina Devi, a student, but also works as a model.

Well, if that does not fit perfectly for the German Scout and so I introduced myself as an agent. Of course I wanted to include them in my file. The only thing I need from her are a few sexy pictures of the good Melina Devi. She agreed after I gave her 100 euros in the hand and she wrote a text message to the girlfriend. So we went straight to my RBNB flat to start recording.

Of course, I always have some underwear with and, fortunately, suspenders and panties in XS for Melina Devi. Because she was really super petite, but that's what the German Scout likes and we started the first photos. After about 10 minutes and after showing more and more pictures, I wanted more. So I got another money out and held it in front of her. You just have to have some fun with me in front of the camera, of course only for me private. After careful consideration, she agreed and in the heat of the moment we even renounced the condom and she let me in her tight back door! The absolute madness guys!

Video from 12.10.2019

Length: 70:03