Julia de Lucia

Today I have just tried something different and drove to Venus 2019 in Berlin. My goal was to shoot with a real PornoStar. Directly from the fair in front of the camera of the German Scout. And it was really a heavy number, because everyone was nice, but somehow in stress. Until I met Julia de Lucia right before the fair and just tried my luck. She too was skeptical at the beginning, but I wanted to know and gave full throttle.

After a few euros for the first pictures I made of Julia de Lucia before Venus 2019, I asked her for a shoot. I would also give her some extra Euros and we could do that right in my hotel. Of course I booked this in clever planning right at the exhibition center to increase my chances. She clarified her appointment and we started. I could not believe it worked and was even nervous that it did not fail me all at once.

Arrived at the hotel, of course, I let the camera along the whole time and was able to watch Julia de Lucia first under the shower. After that we made some great pictures and now we started the shoot. An absolute dream for many of us who have ever been to a fair. And now you can be right there, how this dream has become!

Video from 17.10.2019

Length: 35:36