Marilyn Crystal

Actually, this day was already over in Budapest and I was almost ready to go to bed. But my hotel was right by a bus station. So I thought you might try. So camera on, some money in the bag and in the middle of the night down as German Scout. To be honest, it did not take long until I met Marilyn Crystal, who had just come from a party. She seemed very relaxed and took her time directly for me.

So I could tell her about my job as a model scout and that I would like to record her. I just need some pictures of Marilyn Crystal and we could do that right in the hotel. A few euros helped and so she followed me right up. At the top she took off her jacket and now I knew what had struck the hour. The German Scout does not have such a dream body often and I wanted more.

So take some pictures with Marilyn Crystal and I always ask her to take off a little more so that you can see her body better. She did that as well and when she stood almost naked in front of me, I brought out some pocket money again and made her an immoral offer, which she also accepted directly. What a crazy number, where I could use the little student in all 3 holes blank.

Video from 20.10.2019

Length: 57:03