German Scout Barbara

And of course it continues after the last successful weeks for your German Scout. This time we went to Prague by car over the weekend because the student has free time. The whole city is full of them and there should be a girl for me for a shoot. So checked into the apartment and off to the street with a camera and some cash. It took a while, but after a couple of cancellations and stupid sayings I was lucky. I met this young fitness trainer and German Scout Barbara was able to start.

She was also a bit skeptical at first, but I told her about my successful model agency and that she would fit in perfectly. After 100 euros, the last doubt was cleared up or at least the fear was overcome. In any case, she accompanied me to my apartment to take pictures for her model file. Once there we took the first pictures and I made her show more and more of her great body. But that was not enough for me, because I wanted to shoot German Scout Barbara.

So I waited for the right moment and let it take off properly. There I finally saw her great bust size and the horny coiffure. Now everything on one card and I got some good arguments, namely cash out. She was somehow not as shocked as I thought and took it easy. So easy that she took it directly in my mouth and then let me use it without a condom.

Video from December 24th, 2019

Length: 52:15