German Scout Alice

There is again a small special from the far north. To be more precise, the German Scout was back in Flensburg, where he did a little bitch test. Red-blonde teen Alice is 21 years old and has her first day in love for sale. So it fits directly if she has two premieres in one day and also makes her first film with me. So I packed your camera and some money and stood in front of her for German Scout Alice.

She was totally surprised at first, but after her colleague Snowwhite told her the positive side, she was ready for an interview. We did that right outside the door, where I offered to do a shoot for a couple of tickets. Of course, that should be a little more revealing, so we went straight to the sauna in the shop. She in a sexy outfit and I am happy that German Scout Alice was ready to go. And since a sauna has always been there, luckily I only wore a bathrobe.

After about 40 pictures and when she became more and more relaxed and I noticed that she was having fun and had no problem with the camera, I took him out. She was totally surprised again, but you immediately noticed that she was also up for it and immediately put it in her mouth. First she became tender and then always violent, only to be taken care of by me directly for German Scout Alice. So we use the entire sauna until I have completely covered her face.

Video from December 29, 2019

Length: 46:02