German Scout Megan

There is, and unfortunately for the time being, the last video of the German Scout in Mallorca, because it makes no sense over the winter. This time I have a friend who works as an interpreter on the island. I was too risky to miss a spin on the holiday island just because I can't speak to her. So off to the airport and just try your luck. Of course I had the camera and some pocket money with me and the weather laughed. And with such good conditions I was of course lucky and was able to shoot German Scout Megan.

At the airport I spoke to one or the other lady, which is of course risky and, to be honest, I wasn't really lucky. Until I saw a slim young lady wearing a green dress and started talking to her. She comes from Russia and wanted to spend a few days on the island. But with the figure, it makes sense to spend the few hours she still has with a shoot. And so I asked her for pocket money to the beach where German Scout Megan could really go.

After a few pictures that quickly became more revealing, I quickly realized that she was pretty relaxed. Again and again she stretched her butt towards me and dropped the last covers all by herself. When she was standing in front of me I made an immoral offer. I shoot my German Scout Megan vacation film with her for me privately and she gets a nice pocket money. She thinks for a moment, but then could not resist the call of money and so we started right at the booth!

Video from 02.01.2019

Length: 49:50