German Scout Cherry

Today I was in the city of Jecken and of course as a German Scout I had the camera and some money with me. A way wherever many people are jogging and walking I just stopped to try my luck! It took a while and hailed cancellations, but then I came into the conversation with this fitness dream mouse and German Scout Cherry was ready to go.

What a wonderful body there stood in front of me. Six pack, really hard everything and still a pleasantly large bust size that looked like silicone. After I gave her 50 euros I offered her some fun to show me how they turned out. And what was fun became serious, because she lifted her top on the spot and just took the things out. So if that doesn't work with German Scout Cherry, it must have been really up to me.

So I offered to take a few test shots and take pictures for my file. When I arrived in my apartment, she used my selection of underwear and suddenly stood in a beautiful, skimpy outfit of mine. So the first pictures were taken and she somehow made no fuss about the nude and played directly at the pleasure grotto. So what are you waiting for, get a few euros and let German Scout Cherry really get going!

Video from 05.01.2020

Length: 58:51