German Scout Antonia

Since Prague worked so well with the sweet Lovita, I decided to hang on for another day. It all fit here and so I hope to be able to shoot another German Scout video for you. This time I was looking for proximity to the university. Because students are like sand by the sea here. And often they don't just look good, they also need money and that's how it happened. German Scout Antonia was created with a really great red-haired student.

When I saw the red-haired mouse with her smile, I spoke directly to her and found out that she is a student here in Prague. Of course she was a bit skeptical at first, but then I was able to explain a little. We are looking for exactly their type here in Germany for a campaign and the number would be well paid. I only need a few pictures of her here and later in clothes where you can see her figure. And the whole thing is paid immediately and directly. She agreed and German Scout Antonia was ready to go.

When I arrived at the RBNB apartment, I led them straight to my provisionally constructed set. After we took normal pictures, I asked you to undress because I would have to have more of her in the photo. And then it was my hour and when she took it easy I offered her € 500 if we could have some fun in front of the camera. She agreed and so this German Scout Antonia video was created!

Video from 01/13/2019

Length: 27:03