German Scout Natascha

I was on tour again to shoot great new videos for you. This time we went to Milan because the weather and the women are very nice there. Of course the German Scout also has some money and the camera with him. So I went straight to the street and spoke to woman after woman to get her for a model casting. But that was really tough today and I wasn't really lucky. But I didn't give up and after about 1 hour I was able to deepen the conversation with this pretty one and German Scout Natascha could start.

I told this slim tattoo mouse that there is a big campaign for underwear and we need a woman with a lot of tattoo for it. So of course it fit perfectly and after 100 € in my hand I had it so far. She followed me into my apartment for a shoot for the model portfolio. Once there, I put on her a cool black outfit with suspenders and bra. That attracted her directly and let me examine her great tattoos. After the first pictures she took off more and more and when she was only in stockings in front of me it was time that German Scout Natascha really started.

So I took out a couple of notes and offered her that I would like to make a private dirty film with her. She agreed and not only let me use her hairy front door, but also her rear entrance. Really great how she went along and recorded the finale on her face. Don't miss German Scout Natascha!

Video from January 16, 2020

Length: 66:26