German Scout Giorgia

It is still warm in Italy and that's why I quickly head over to Pisa to try my luck there. Checked in at an RBNB apartment and set up a small set, we went straight to the street to try my luck as a German Scout. But as I quickly found out, the counter had really come down a bit here. But maybe that was what could increase my chances, I thought. And so it happened and I was able to shoot German Scout Giorgia here with a cute little Roma mouse.

I saw 2 teens sitting on a run-down site here in Pisa and just tried my luck cheekily. Maybe one will jump on it and I tried my trick as a model agent. I offered € 150 for a few quick sample shots. One didn't want to, but the other all the more so I was able to convince them to come to me. Of course, I told the friend where we are and she would get in touch so that everything was right. And so German Scout Giorgia could really start.

When I arrived I opened the big suitcase with underwear and after she was standing in front of me in a sexy outfit we took the first pictures. It became looser and looser and when I had the feeling that it fit, I just took out another € 500. Because now I wanted everything and that was a dirty film for her! She thought for a moment and then agreed to German Scout Giorgia and it was such a bad nasty number! I never would have thought that you could be in such a good mood at 24, but it's best to see for yourself!

Video from January 25th, 2019

Length: 61:17