German Scout Natascha Ocean

Today I wanted to make it easy for myself again, because often the good thing is at the door. So I stayed in Berlin and just tried my luck here. Packed a little money, camera with me and off to the street. I have an area at the university where there are a lot of women, but you can also shoot if it fits. So the chances were good, now I just had to be lucky. And I was lucky and so this video was created with the title German Scout Natascha Ocean.

I discovered sitting directly on the Spree a slim great mouse, so camera on and directly there. I spoke to her directly and pretended to be a model agent who would like to have her in my file. I found out straight away that she is on vacation here, is 20 years old and is studying in her home country. She is only here for 3 days, so a trial shoot is a good option. And I also suggested that to her and offered her a small allowance for the effort. She agreed and we met in an abandoned factory site in Berlin where German Scout Natascha Ocean could really start.

We took a lot of pictures and from minute to minute she stood in front of me with less clothes. So the plan worked and when she was completely blank in front of me and I saw her slim perfect body I wanted everything. So I improved my pocket money again and just got my best piece out. She was relaxed and was with German Scout Natascha Ocean and we drove it really hard in all variations!

Video from January 29th, 2019

Length: 66:10