German Scout Jenifer

There was a nice day this week and of course we had to use it. I wanted to provide you again with a great video as a German Scout. So get into the car and over to Prague from Berlin to see if I should be lucky. After moving into another part of town today, I quickly set up a set. And we went down to the street armed with a camera and 500 euros in our pockets. But at first I was not lucky and it only hailed cancellations until German Scout Jenifer could then start.

I saw her sitting on a park bench in Prague and turned on my camera and gathered all my courage. So I spoke to her and introduced myself as a model scout looking for new faces for a campaign. She didn't really care at first, but after I held out € 100 to her, she took the time to do it. So I was able to tell her a little and also convince her that her great career is very close. I only need a few pictures where you can see her great figure. And so I invited her to my apartment where German Scout Jenifer could really start.

When I arrived I did a short interview asking Jenifer to take off a little more. And my tactic worked, it was so deep in conversation that at some point she sat completely naked in front of me. Now my chance had come and I took another € 400 and made her an immoral offer. A little dirty film for me privately and it would not be neglected either! She agreed and so I was allowed to use the little mouse really nicely and capture it in the film German Scout Jenifer.

Video from 02.02.2020

Length: 57:55