German Scout Sandy

And there is a new video of your hero of the street again. Because the German Scout has turned on the camera again, packed money and is at the door. The weather wasn't the best, but I just wanted to try it in Berlin. If it works, it's great and if not, the effort was low. And who doesn't dare doesn't win. So I am at the door in wet and cold weather and this video was created with the title German Scout Sandy.

On the streets of Berlin I met this cute mouse in a short outfit, which was daring in the weather. I had actually given up my luck after many cancellations. But at least I wanted to make one last attempt and just spoke to her. She introduced myself to me as a 33-year-old stripper Sandy from Berlin and does a lot of sport. You could see that on her great body and I was able to convince her to take some pictures for an allowance. These should be for the model card index and we could do it for me quickly. So let's go and German Scout Sandy could finally go.

When I got to my house we took the first pictures and she was so distracted by the conversation that she didn't notice that she was suddenly almost naked. She just stood in long stockings in front of me and I could see her well-toned body and great breasts. Now I wanted everything and asked for fun with her on camera for me privately. I would pay well too. She did not think long and let myself be taken from me bare and without rubber. You can now see all of this in German Scout Sandy!

Video from 06.02.2020

Length: 45:12