German Scout Ashley Ocean

And there is something new from your agent who keeps discovering new faces for you. And if they then mess around in front of the camera, it can only be the German Scout. And so it was today, because I decided to go to Prague again. In wet and cold weather, I rate my chances relatively low. But luck is often with the hard-working and so I sneaked through the city for 2 hours with the camera. And then I finally got lucky and was able to shoot this video entitled German Scout Ashley Ocean.

When I almost gave up in Prague and was about to go home without success, I discovered this slim mouse. I spoke to her directly and told her about a great model job for which I would like to win her over. So I found out that she is 25 years old and works in a bar. So she was flexible before and so I offered her a little pocket money for the first pictures. I need this to apply for the job and she agreed and followed me. And I could hardly believe my luck and now I wanted to get German Scout Ashley Ocean to my destination.

When I got to me, we took the first pictures until at some point she was only in my underwear. Because I also have many jobs as a model for underwear, I told them. But then my chance came and I took out a few green notes again because I wanted more. Now I wanted to use her slim body with the small breasts really nice. Of course only for me privately as a reminder. She thought for a moment, but found the offer too tempting and so it came to German Scout Ashley Ocean.

Video from 02/10/2020

Length: 52:32