German Scout Cayla

I stayed here in Prague for a few more days because the weather was really nice. Nothing to notice from Tief Sabine and so I could try to make a few more clips for the German Scout. Now I thought about where I should try my luck this time so that it doesn't take as long as the last shoot. There I had to try everything for 2 hours until I found a lady who was willing. And so I decided to make the area around the university unsafe with money in my pocket and a camera in my hand. And so it came to German Scout Cayla.

And so I sneaked around the university railing in Prague and tried my luck with several students. Unfortunately, it was not successful, but then I was able to engage this Curvy Model Cayla in a conversation. I also told her about a great job where she would fit perfectly as a model and I only need a few pictures. We could do that directly. And because I believe in her and that it will, she would get a little money for it. She agreed and followed me to my RBNB apartment and German Scout Cayla was finally ready to go.

After a casual interview and the first pictures, she asked to take off more and more. Customers want to see what they get and whether the fashion fits their body. Then she did and became more relaxed. When she was almost naked in front of me and we were already talking about many private things, I made her an immoral offer. I would love to have fun with her and capture it on camera for me. She took it surprisingly easy after I held her money in front of her nose and so it came to German Scout Cayla.

Video from 02/13/2019

Length: 60:09