German Scout Sofie

Yesterday's Sunday was a bit sunny and warm again, even when the wind blew. Nevertheless I wanted to try my luck to shoot a new German Scout video. Berlin always has enough women to offer, so I decided to simply fold down a few residential areas. Money and camera were of course right there so I sneaked around the houses and was lucky and German Scout Sofie was born.

I saw this mouse sitting on the park bench and just tried my luck and spoke to it. At first she didn't understand what I wanted from her, but I got on with English. That's how I found out that her name is Sofie and she's on vacation with a friend. And the bust size immediately attracted me and I just had to get it so far that it rotates with me. And so I told her about my job as a model scout and was able to convince her to come along for German Scout Sofie.

When I arrived I put some bills on the table and after a short interview I put her sexy underwear on and convinced her to wear them for the pictures. So she stood in front of me and her mega natural bust just beamed at me like that. So after a few pictures I just unpacked my best piece and added a few notes and she was immediately convinced. So it was really nice and bare in front of the camera and this German Scout Sofie video was created.

Video from February 17th, 2020

Length: 57:27