German Scout Amelie

Today I was out and about with the camera in Berlin. It was cold, but at least dry, so I believed in a chance for the German Scout. So apartment cleaned, lights turned on and money packed. And then I waited at a bridge that is often used by pedestrians to pull through my model mesh. In the past it worked really well and so it should be today and German Scout Amelie was born.

I spoke to several women at a bridge in Berlin, but everyone let me down until the 26-year-old student Amelie came. With the prospect of a great modeling career, she got involved in a conversation and I found out that she actually came from Frankfurt. And in the middle of the conversation, the new campaign for a label for underwear gave me a good chance. I only need a few pictures and so that she sees that I am serious, I already gave her money. She followed me straight to my apartment and German Scout Amelie was ready to go.

When I got there I showed her the underwear and she put them on straight away. And after the first pictures, it became more and more relaxed and the things we talked about became dirty. So I just got some more money and at the same time took out my best piece and held it up to her face. She thought only briefly and snapped straight on to let me use it blank in all variations. And the camera ran all the time and German Scout Amelie was created.

Video from 02/20/2020

Length: 63:40