German Scout Ella

Today I was in the south of Germany to try my luck as a German Scout. The sun was shining and the camera and some money were packed. I could shoot at a friend's house if it worked. But it looked very bad in the beginning. It was wet and cold and windy and so I walked several kilometers on the hiking trail with the hope of meeting a lady with whom you could shoot. After about 2 hours I was lucky and this video was created with the title German Scout Ella.

I had almost given up when I saw a red-haired one on a hiking trail here in Munich. It should be my last try for today and I addressed her directly with the camera running and asked for a casting for my model file because it would fit in perfectly. At first she was really skeptical, but with good words and a little pocket money I was able to convince her. After a few pictures on the spot we moved to me because it got cold and German Scout Ella could really start.

When I got to me I made a short introductory video with her and she became more relaxed. And when I had her as relaxed as I need it, I tell her about an underwear job that will take place soon. She would fit in well there, but of course you would have to see more of her and I offered her some more money. She agreed and after she was almost naked in front of me I put everything on one card and wanted to do it naked in front of the camera. And I was lucky and you can see the result in German Scout Ella now!

Video from 02/26/2012

Length: 51:42