German Scout Katie

Today I was visiting a friend in Leipzig and since he has to work during the day I took my chance. Of course I always had a camera and some pocket money with me. Because the German Scout has never been to Leipzig and today it should be ready. So warmly dressed, camera and money packed and explore the streets of Leipzig. It took some time and as always there were cancellations but then I was lucky and it came to German Scout Katie.

In a side street in Leipzig I saw this MILF in jeans and well wrapped up. I don't think my chances are that big, but if you don't dare you don't win and so I addressed you. I found out that she is actually in stress because she was given keys to an apartment. She should look at this because she might want to move in there. But I'm only in Leipzig today and would like to include her as a model in my file. And when I offered her a little money, I just took me to the tour and German Scout Katie Pears went into the exciting phase.

When I got to the empty apartment, I told her what I needed, and that was pictures and an interview to start with. So we did it straight away and it got looser and looser and I also had the feeling that it was undermined. Because she stuck her butt out again and looked at me riotously. Of course I didn't leave that unused and just grabbed her bottom with one hand while I had money in the other. She put the money and then my best piece in her mouth and was blank really nice to use and it came to German Scout Katie.

Video from 01.03.2019

Length: 56:13