German Scout Jura Studentin

Today I was in Bavaria in wet and cold weather. I count the chances as slim, but of course I still had the camera and some money with me. You never know if you still have a chance as a German Scout. I just decided to make the railing of the university unsafe, because a student who needs some money would fit perfectly. And so I spoke to woman after woman, but had no luck until this one came and it could start with a German Scout law student.

After about 2 hours near the university in Bavaria and trying a lot, I finally got lucky and got into conversation. A 21 year old law student listened to me and I was able to tell her about my job as a model agent. It would be perfect for a large bikini campaign, but I would not need the customer to come with pictures in a thick jacket. You have to go to my house and because I believe in you there is already money for it. She agreed and German Scout law student could now really go.

When I got there I put a selection of clothes on and was surprised that she opted for fishnet stockings and pink underwear. Bikinis were also there, but that should make things easier, I thought. And it did. After a few pictures and interview, she became more relaxed and I took the opportunity. Just got a few notes out and grabbed her round the buttocks and she volunteered and this nasty video was created with the title German Scout Law Student.

Video from 04.04.2020

Length: 53:22