German Scout Isabela

I was in Prague again late in the evening. The German Scout sensed an opportunity because it was Friday evening. And many women were on the streets to go to a party. Or they were on their way home. No matter what, I knew what to do. Camera and money with it and off to the world of women. The first ones canceled completely with funny excuses, but want to resent it. But then I saw one in an army jacket and tried my luck again and German Scout Isabela was born.

After making the Pager streets unsafe I was finally lucky and got to know the 24 year old Isabela. Actually it was more of a little raid from the side, but she forgave me and let me explain. I tell her the typical German Scout Masche from a model job. And she agreed to take pictures for the rehearsal and we quickly went to my apartment because they still wanted to party. And now German Scout Isabela could go into the hot phase.

When I arrived, we took the first pictures and a little interview in front of the camera. And I managed to keep it loosening up and dropping the covers straight away. Now she was sitting in my underwear, lightly dressed, and I was able to direct the subject to sexual preferences. I immediately noticed how she was healed and made her an immoral offer that she could not resist. And again I was lucky and I was allowed to nibble on her until I squirt and you can see it now in German Scout Isabela!

Video from 08.03.2020

Length: 61:11