German Scout Indra

Today there is something very special for you again. The German scout war again waged in Germany with the camera and money in your pocket. To which of his war I tour in North Rhine-Westphalia and get a tip from a well-known. For a few days now, a woman with beautiful hair has been staying with him in the village, who is getting permissive. This is an opportunity that is my chance to relate and take care of an apartment.

When I arrived in the village with my colleague, I set up my set in his apartment and lay in wait. I wanted to address this woman with green hair and shoot it with her. And after about an hour I could see her on the street and spoke to her directly. I got a really harsh reaction, but of course I didn't give up. Hold up a few bills and let my charm play and at least then she listened to me. So I could explain to her that we absolutely need a woman with her optics for a model job and we could do the casting right away. After further persuasion, she agreed and I was able to take her for the first pictures and German Scout Indra really started.

When we got to the friend's apartment, we took the first pictures and I asked them a little. I learned that her name is Indra, 29 years old, actually from Lithuania, but a friend visited here. So she became more relaxed and I had the feeling that she immediately knew what I really wanted from her. And when she asked when we were finally going to start I couldn't believe it, but then I really got going and could use it really dirty without a condom. And you can see it now in this video called German Scout Indra!

Video from March 12th, 2020

Length: 62:35