German Scout Florane

Today there is a really great MILF from me for you, but let me tell you. Despite the nice weather and Corona, I was in Prague as a German Scout. And since a lot of women I spoke to always talked themselves out of bad English, I gave someone 50 € to translate. So I sneaked through the streets knowing that I had increased my loot scheme enormously with this trick. And I should be right, and that's how the German Scout Florane video came about.

After about 45 minutes of unsuccessful attempts with my hobby interpreter, I was finally lucky and was able to engage a really sexy MILF in a conversation. I learned that she is 30 years old and has worked as a model before. That didn't surprise me with the figure and I told her about a great job she could take part in. I just need sexy pictures for your portfolio and it could start straight away. She was convinced and followed me into my hotel room where I could finally start with German Scout Florane.

When we got to the room we did a little interview and she moved out more and more until she stood naked in front of me at some point. What a dreamlike body and I couldn't help but make an immoral offer. And she agreed and let me use it blank from A to Z and paste her horny bust with my juice of love. A really awesome video titled German Scout Florane and you can see it now!

Video from 03/15/2020

Length: 47:40