German Scout Erzieherin

It was cold and the sun was shining and I tried my luck in Berlin. The streets have been swept empty, but if you don't try, you won't be lucky. And sitting in the apartment all day doesn't work anymore. So I packed my camera, put money in it and prepared the apartment a little if it worked. And so the German Scout moved through Berlin and spoke to the few women I met and told about a model casting. But they didn't feel like it or didn't talk to me at all. Until I was lucky and it came to German Scout educator.

I saw a casual girl with a headband and camouflage pants sneaking around her Berlin and hoped for a chance for a new German Scout video. So I spoke to her and was able to tell her a quick model casting for my agency before she almost searched the far side. She got involved in a conversation and I learned that she is 32 years old and a teacher. A part-time job as a model would fit perfectly and I suggested that we take a few pictures with me. And German Scout educator could now really start.

When I got there we took the first pictures and then the nude shoot followed and she was allowed to choose a few clothes from my fund. I strung her while moving and she suddenly stood in front of me in a red catsuit and was willing to be photographed. She was getting loose and now my chance came and I just held the bulge in my pants in front of her face and she unpacked it and snapped. Then I was allowed to use it really nicely and this great video was created with the title German Scout educator.

Video from 03/18/2020

Length: 62:12