German Scout Chanie

Today I was just out and about in Berlin in cold weather to try my luck as a German Scout. The camera and some money were of course included. It was really cold and I only expected small chances to be able to shoot a video. But I had nothing else to do, so why not try it. So I addressed woman after woman with my model casting mesh. But I was out of luck and really tried many. But the law of the big quota should be right today and it came to German Scout Chanie.

After about an hour of chatting and trying out here in Berlin I was finally lucky. I started talking to Chanie, a 27-year-old zookeeper. She originally comes from Hamburg, but recently moved to Berlin. So I told her about my agency and that I would like to do a casting directly. We have customers for everything and an underwear shoot would increase bookings enormously. She let herself be persuaded with 100 euros and came right away and German Scout Chanie really started.

When I got there I put out a few outfits and only then could I see what great rounds she had. It was all in the right places and the natural bust size of 80D did the rest. So we took the first pictures and talked about God and the world and it became more and more relaxed. So easy that I could finally make her an immoral offer. She agreed and not only was her first film made, but it was also the first time that someone had put his pipe in her back door. A great video, but you can see it yourself in German Scout Chanie!

Video from 03/22/2020

Length: 69:59