German Scout Silvia

I was lucky and I was able to travel to Barcelona shortly before the Corona problems started. My goal was to come back with at least one German Scout video. So I took money and camera with me and checked in directly in sunny Barcelona in an RBNB apartment. After setting up a provisional set with light and what it takes, I quickly packed a few fuffis and didn't want to wait any longer and try my luck. The weather was really a dream and I managed to get into conversation with several women. But it was never really final until I met a great MILF and German Scout Silvia could start.

I saw a funky mouse here in sunny Barcelona and of course addressed it directly to my model agent Masche. At first she didn't really believe me either, but I was able to engage her in a conversation. So I found out that she is 42 years old and is vacationing here. Because she recently moved to Berlin. Since I'm flying over 2 countries to meet a woman from Berlin ?! Unbelievable, but I couldn't believe her age either, because she looked really great and had a great smile. I was able to win her over for a shoot and we went straight to my hotel room where German Scout Silvia really got going.

When I arrived she put on a leather jacket from my fund and everything else except for the leggings. What was going on here? It was really blatant and we took super revealing pictures without having to say anything. When she "accidentally" walked past my step, I knew what the hour was and wanted her to put it in my mouth. That also happened and let her horny hairy pussy pop through in all possible positions. A really incredible experience and you can see it now in German Scout Silvia.

Video from 03/28/2020

Length: 64:13