German Scout Mila

I stayed here in Prague for another day because I was successful on the first day. And as the saying goes, don't stop on a lucky streak. Or at least something like that. Nothing is waiting for me in Germany, so the German Scout could try to use the time wisely. And then came what shouldn't come. It was snowing at once! And really big clouds. I hadn't imagined it that way and almost wanted to throw the shotgun into the grain. But I got up, packed my money and camera and tried to find a woman who would like to be let me in front of the camera. And so it should come and German Scout Mila was born.

I sneaked through the snowy Prague and just wanted to go back to my apartment, so suddenly a young woman was chasing around the corner. So one last try and right afterwards. I spoke to her and she seemed a bit stressed because she had to work. But I got into a conversation and found out that her name is Mila and she is 25 years old. She was really shy at the beginning, but then thawed more and more. And so I could tell about my model agency and also convince me to take a few pictures with me. And German Scout Mila really started.

Once at my house we chat a little while she sat on the couch with me and became more and more relaxed. And with every minute I realized how super cute and pretty the little one actually was. I got her undressed and the completely natural body without a tattoo left me no choice. I had to have it! And so I used all my charm and was able to fuck her naked in her tender pleasure grotto! Simply perfect, but look best yourself in German Scout Mila.

Video from 04/02/2020

Length: 60:10