German Scout Bianka

Today I was again in Spain to be more precise in Barcelona. Fortunately, I was able to do the shoot shortly before the Corona topic. So I flew over and moved into my RBNB apartment. And when the weather was fine, we only went out onto the street. But I had really bad cards, because somehow all women here didn't or couldn't speak English. But I had an idea and called Liz, the last time I met and shot here. She found the idea to help me funny and was with me less than an hour later and we tried our luck together and luckily German Scout Bianka was born.

So after Liz offered me her help here in Barcelona, we went straight to the street. She really wanted to be successful and spoke tirelessly to women for my model agency and after about 30 minutes we were lucky and now my part was in demand. I was able to interview her a little and learned that she is 35 years old and I could already see her bust size through the jacket. So I went out of my way to get her for better photos and she agreed and German Scout Bianka could really go.

When I got there I put out a few outfits and she decided on a black body. In it we took great pictures directly in the sun on the terrace and I noticed how it became more and more relaxed. I think my chance was good and I put everything on the card and just grabbed her bust size. She replied that with a grip in the crotch and so it really started and I could put my thing bare and deep in it. You shouldn't miss the video with the title German Scout Bianka and this great MILF!

Video from April 6th, 2020

Length: 64:15