German Scout Elena

It goes on with great videos for you, of course, because the German Scout never rests. So I went back to Prague to try my luck there. I had already booked an apartment online for 2 days and after I was inside, the lights were set up. I wanted to be ready to go if I was lucky today. Even if the weather was a little against me, because it was wet and cold, I packed my money and camera and started walking. So I spoke to several women, but they were at no excuse. So I decided to take a long stroll along the water and discovered a young woman whom I addressed directly and German Scout Elena was ready to go.

I spoke to her right on the river here in Prague in front of a boat. And took the chance that she was shocked by the camera to get her into a conversation. So I told her about my model agency and that I would like to cast her and it should definitely not be to her disadvantage. She was convinced and after I found out that she was 28 years old, I was very surprised. I would have appreciated her younger, but it fits perfectly. She works as a manager in a clothing store and has a friend. It will be difficult for me, I thought to myself, but first I wanted to see what happened to me and invited her for pictures. My chance for German Scout Elena got bigger.

When I got there she made herself comfortable on the couch and we took the first pictures. She became more relaxed and I was able to convince her to take pictures in underwear. The ice was broken and the inhibitions fell with every piece of clothing. It took less than 10 minutes and I could hold my thing in front of her face, which she sucked hesitantly but then more and more resolutely. After that, I was able to use her bare in different positions and sprayed her in the face for the first time. Her friend was blown away and German Scout Elena was born.

Video from April 10th, 2020

Length: 67:19