German Scout Bianca

This video is from my last trip in February and you shouldn't miss it. I was still in Barcelona and luckily I was able to extend my stay by a day. Because the weather was good and I was able to shoot 2 videos in 2 days. And so the German Scout thought, since all good things come in threes, I should try again. So right on the street on the third day with a camera and some money in my pocket and keep trying my luck. The weather was great and there were a lot of people on the street. Well, that should work, I thought, and that's how it came about and German Scout Bianca was born.

After about 30 minutes here in Barcelona with 5 failed attempts, I was finally lucky and got a MILF involved in a conversation in front of the camera. She had reddish hair and was very loose, as I could see directly. Of course, she didn't want to believe that I was really a model scout, but was able to convince her. After a few pictures right here on the street, I suggested that we could quickly go to my house for more pictures. Then I could also offer them for orders in the underwear area where big orders are waiting. She agreed and German Scout Bianca could really go.

When I arrived I was lucky and had underwear for her that she really liked. Now the ice was really broken and after I could easily snap it off in the outfit, the topics wandered a little. And so we ended up on the topic of what we are all interested in and I smell my chance and just held my bulge in front of her face. She was shocked at first, but then unpacked and got nailed naked without a condom after sucking him hard. A really cool German Scout Bianca video was created here!

Video from April 14th, 2020

Length: 59:45