German Scout Lucy

Here is a real highlight video from beautiful Prague, where I was again a German Scout for you. This time I drove over to explore a few more corners. So in the apartment, lights up and with camera and money directly on the street. The streets were pretty empty at the moment, but that has advantages and disadvantages. The women are fewer, but it is easier to get into a conversation because the others don't stare at the camera. And so I sneaked through alleys where I had never been here before. Addressed one woman after the other, but it never got to the point that it was worth showing. But then I saw an extremely slim mouse in pink pants and black jacket and got my chance at German Scout Lucy.

After about an hour here in Prague, I was lucky and got into conversation with the extremely slim mouse Lucy. I learned that she is 27 years old and works as a model. The dialogue was a bit difficult, but the translation of the cell phone already regulated it. When I found out about the model, I sensed my chance and offered to include it in my file. I just need an interview and some pictures that we could take right now with me! She agreed and German Scout Lucy really started.

When I got there, we did a short interview to make it easy and then I asked her to show more. At first she was skeptical, but then she sat in front of me in a thong and stockings. And I immediately noticed that she knew how the model business was going and just took my cock out. She took it directly into her mouth and let her super slim body with the tight pussy of me use! An absolute dream that you can now see in German Scout Lucy!

Video from April 16, 2020

Length: 69:23