German Scout Kristall

This video is from last December and I saved it a little to show you. But your German Scout wants to provide you with great new videos even in times of Corona. and that's why I always made 1-2 videos more than I can put online right now. And now the time has come and the video German Scout Kristall, which was shot in Berlin, goes online. With a slim mouse with a great smile and really nice action without a condom. You shouldn't miss that, but I'll tell you more.

Actually, I was just renovating my apartment. But I need distraction and thought that a shoot would be just the right thing. So I went out and sneaked through Berlin with my camera and a lot of courage and was in good spirits. Unfortunately it was cold and I wasn't really lucky, but I was able to involve a cute woman in a conversation. I found out that she was called Kristall, was 20 years old and was on vacation here. We talked a little and then offered her a quick shoot with me, which we could do right away. She agreed and German Scout Kristall could really go.

When I arrived she was astonished at the tools and ladder in the hallway, but then used the scenery to take photos of herself. The mood became super easy very quickly and I dared to try and took out my splendid cock. She put it in her mouth with a smile and shortly afterwards it was really nice to use without rubber! You shouldn't miss the video German Scout Kristall!

Video from April 20th, 2020

Length: 64:13