German Scout Adelle

A new video with a super slim 22 year old mouse is waiting for you today! But it's best to tell from the beginning! I was back in Prague, which I can only recommend if you have some time. Great women, great city and the euro is also worth something here. After I went into the apartment, I immediately set up everything. Then quickly put money and camera in and I wanted to try my luck again and I was really lucky. And so the video German Scout Adelle was created.

After about 20 minutes here in Prague and a few failed attempts, I saw a really thin mouse, which came straight towards me. So directly on camera and addressed. At first she was really shy, but I was able to convince her of my job as a model agent. Now things became exciting for her and with a smile I persuaded her to come directly to me and fill her portfolio with pictures. And now my chance for German Scout Adelle was really big.

When I got to me I did a little interview and when I asked her to show a little more of her super slim body, I immediately went blank. That surprised me quite a bit, but the 22-year-old body was just too perfect. Almost fragile, but I wanted everything and another 5 minutes later she just held my thing in front of her and after a short skepticism she sucked it in. It was definitely not the first time and afterwards I just put my thing in the hole and used the situation to the full! A really cool video with the title German Scout Adelle was created here!

Video from April 23, 2020

Length: 65:39