German Scout Marilyn

And there is again news from your husband just in case, your German Scout. I have another video for you with a blonde little mouse that I met in Budapest and persuaded to shoot. The video is from February where it snowed briefly here and I waited especially for this week to show it to you now. Because in times of Corona we all need a little distraction. And if this is as beautiful as in the video German Scout Marilyn, it is all the better.

So I snuck the streets of Budapest in February and it was really cold, but I didn't want to be here for nothing. So I had the camera at the ready and prepared my apartment in case it should work. After a few fruitless attempts, I came across a blonde mouse that I could deepen in a conversation for a model job. So I found out that she is 19 years old and is studying medicine. Phew, that sounded like a difficult mission, but I could at least persuade her to take a few pictures with me and just wanted to give it a try anyway and that's how German Scout Marilyn came into being.

When I got there I put some outfits on her and she opted for one in red lacquer. She looked really great in it and so I really had to pull myself together while taking pictures. She noticed that relatively quickly on the bulge in my pants and now the crazy one came. I didn't have to do anything anymore because she suddenly dug at me and wanted me to get her. Of course I liked to do this without a condom and the camera was running all the time and German Scout Marilyn was created.

Video from April 27th, 2020

Length: 57:37