German Scout Foxy

It continues with great and dirty videos from your German Scout. I decided to go back to Prague to try my luck. Because here the euro is still worth something and the women easily! So quickly checked into the RBNB apartment and set up a small set with light. So that was already there and after I had packed my camera and money I went straight down to the street. This time I was in a winding part of Prague with many hidden streets. I wasn't sure if the women would run away when I spoke to them here, but I just tried. And I was lucky and German Scout Foxy was born.

After about 30 minutes and 5 trying to start a conversation here in Prague I was lucky! I started talking with a slim red-haired mouse with glasses. I found out that she is 21 years old and has had a friend for 2 years. Phew, this is going to be a tough nut to crack, but I wanted to give it a try anyway and told about the model job that is coming up soon. And it would fit in there, we only need an interview and pictures for the portfolio. Of course we could do it right away and she agreed and German Scout Foxy could go.

When I arrived at my house we took the first pictures and she became more and more relaxed until she sat naked in front of me at some point. When I just sat next to her, she brought my hand directly to her chest and took out my best piece. Then one thing came to the other and the slim mouse was really dirty and could not only be used bare. But also did dirty things with me that only a few women do. You shouldn't miss the video German Scout Foxy!

Video from April 30th, 2020

Length: 62:42