German Scout Vicky

We went to Budapest again with a little luck to make a new video for you. Because the German Scout is up for it and you want new material, so get on the plane and go. Once there, I quickly checked into my RBNB apartment and set up the light. After all, it should start right away if I'm lucky. So camera packed and a few euros in my pocket and so I should try my luck. I sneaked around in the area, even if the weather wasn't on my side. It was pretty cold and I wanted to postpone it, but I still spoke to one or the other. Unfortunately I didn't get into conversation with the ladies, but then I met a really horny MILF that I had seen 30 minutes ago. And German Scout Vicky was ready to go.

I met a horny MILF here in Budapest who supposedly had no time for a casting 30min ago. Maybe she has time now and so I just spoke to her again. Now she had no excuses and got involved in a conversation. So I found out that her name is Vicky and she has been married for 8 years. So this was supposed to be a really hard bread, but I wanted to give it a try anyway and offered to take a few pictures. So I could take her directly into my model agency and I shouldn't miss the chance! She agreed and German Scout Vicky could finally go!

When I arrived I took the first pictures and then I put out a really sexy red outfit which she also put on. So she was standing in front of me in a hint of nothing and after a few pictures I just got my hard thing out. At first she didn't know how to react, but then put a smile in his mouth. And obviously had fun when I put the thing deep and bare in her. But best watch the video German Scout Vicky!

Video from 03.05.2020

Length: 64:49