German Scout Mona

Today there is something really tender and sweet for you from your German Scout. But I'll tell the story from the start. I was on the road again for you in Budapest and wanted to try my luck here. The weather was dry and was within the range where you can still see a little bit of skin. So check in quickly, put on the light and go straight to the street. Luckily my RBNB apartment was right in the university area and it should work out to pick up a student. Especially if you are short of cash, there is often a lot here for 500 € and so it should come today and it came to German Scout Mona.

After trying my luck here in the university district in Budapest for 20 minutes, a really delicate mouse came across my way. Super cute with tight jeans and a beige jacket. So camera on, the jaw loosened again and addressed directly. She was totally flabbergasted and wanted to run away, but then I could get her into a conversation. So I found out that her name is Mona, she is 20 years old and is studying marketing here. Well then she had an idea that I needed pictures to sell them through my model agency. She understood that and came directly to me for pictures and German Scout Mona could really go!

When I got there we took the first pictures and I asked her to take off my underwear so that I could hold her body. She did and I could watch her super delicate body and now I wanted more! So I made her an immoral offer and she agreed. And so I could insert my long thing bare and deep really cool and use the mouse. You can see all this and much more in the German Scout Mona video!

Video from May 14th, 2020

Length: 65:14