German Scout Julia Red

And there is another great new highlight for you from your German Scout. The man the women screw up or something like that. I stayed after my last one successful shoot one more day here in Budapest and wanted to make a video where it went so well. And it not only went just as well, it was a little bit better, but I tell from the beginning. I was again near the university when I suddenly saw a teen in fur. Fur it's not really my thing, but maybe I can make her take it off. And then everyone would have won and so I spoke to them and German Scout Julia Red was born.

So I spoke to this great mouse right here in Budapest on the street and told her about my model agency. Unfortunately, she was really averse at first, but still gave me the chance to explain. And so I was able to question her a little and learned that she is 26 years old and a teacher. It was going to be hard bread, I thought, but I took a few pictures of her first and asked her to come with me for better pictures. She agreed and German Scout Julia Red could really go.

When I got there we continued and I was able to persuade her to do a shoot in my underwear. And then one thing came to another and when I just unpacked my thing it got really wild. Oh, I would have wished for a teacher like that at the time and I didn't just get bare in the standard holes. I was also allowed to use her back door and sunk it deep, because when do you have a chance? A really perfect video called German Scout Julia Red, which you should definitely see!

Video from May 17th, 2020

Length: 60:55