German Scout Josephine

I was in Prague a day longer because things went really well here and the women were relaxed. And what would I be a German Scout if I just break off and drive home. So quickly extended the apartment, got a few euros from your account and slept in. And then I went out with the camera right around noon and wanted to try my luck. But today it was really foggy and the chances that it would go away hour after hour. So I just strolled a bit by the water and hoped that it would work. Three attempts went completely wrong and then I was lucky and German Scout Josephine was able to start.

So I was strolling here in Prague for 3 hours when I saw a young woman doing a selfie. So that's a chance to talk to her about a model job, I thought. So the camera and addressing it directly was the plan and so I did it. She was totally scared at first, but then I started talking to her. So I found out that she is 24 years old and doesn't know if she will arrive as a model because her bust size is too big for it. Now she had me completely and I was able to convince her to come and take pictures! And German Scout Josephine went into the hot phase.

When I arrived at my house we took the first pictures and we talked about the bust size. Suddenly she took off the bra and I was flabbergasted! An incredibly horny big natural breast with which you can really have fun. And so I did everything I could to get it really dirty and I was successful and was able to use it really nice and bare and refine her breasts with my juice. Be sure to watch the video German Scout Josephine.

Video from May 23, 2020

Length: 66:05